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Clearance Sale Babysitter Skipper Babies Assortment

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Clearance Sale Babysitter Skipper Babies Assortment
Clearance Sale Babysitter Skipper Babies Assortment
Clearance Sale Babysitter Skipper Babies Assortment
Clearance Sale Babysitter Skipper Babies Assortment

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Product OverviewClearance Sale Babysitter Skipper Babies Assortment
Barbie Skipper Babysitters like dolls and playsets let family explore their nurturing part - these sets let them be the babysitter! Choose from classic childhood moments like bath time, crawling and diaper changing. Each features a fun feature to inspire storytelling: the bath-time kids doll has a colour-change feature on her face that goes from clean to dirty and back when washed in the bathtub, the crawling baby doll has bobbling features to mimic real-life movement and the diaper change doll has to be changed after being provided to washed her bottom. Teenagers will discover it easy to babysit these fun tiny dolls, sufficient reason for therefore most parts to inspire storytelling, they could bring out endless babysitting adventures. It's so much fun to be babysitter and look after rest with one of these fun-filled playsets since when a kid plays with Barbie, they imagine everything they can be!
  • Includes baby doll wearing diaper, plus themed accessories
  • With bath time, kids can dip the popsicle into cold water using her cup and "feed" it to the baby to see her mouth turn green, then give her a bath in the whale-shaped tub filled with warm water and wash her face clean
  • With the crawling and playtime set, kids can play out the action - really! The baby doll's head and body wiggle as they help her crawl along, right to her play gym
  • With the feed and diaper-changing set, kids can feed and change baby with ease: use the bottle to feed the baby doll cold water -- she goes potty! Remove her diaper and wipe "clean" with the cloth!
  • A diaper bag that opens and closes carries supplies and doubles as a changing mat
  • Collect the Barbie babysitting dolls and toys to inspire imaginations and explore new possibilities (Each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • Colours and decorations may vary