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Discounted Na Na Na Surprise 2-in-1 Pom Dolls

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Discounted Na Na Na Surprise 2-in-1 Pom Dolls
Discounted Na Na Na Surprise 2-in-1 Pom Dolls
Discounted Na Na Na Surprise 2-in-1 Pom Dolls
Discounted Na Na Na Surprise 2-in-1 Pom Dolls

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Product OverviewDiscounted Na Na Na Surprise 2-in-1 Pom Dolls
Pop into a absolutely new unboxing experience and a 2-in-1 surprise with Series 3 of Na! Na! Na! Surprise. Unbox the balloon inside, inflate with the straw, then POP for an unbelievable confetti surprise. Discover an adorable, animal-themed plush pom and shock fashions and shoes. Then, unzip the pom to unbox a beautiful, soft posable fashion doll with unique, printed details and gorgeous hair. Each doll possess an animal-inspired personality and style that fits back to their pom. Dress Na! Na! Na! Surprise fashion doll within their fabulous outfit and shoes. Additionally they includes a collector’s label with name, birthday and motto. The plush pom includes a attractive, animal-shaped clip that attaches to a backpack or purse for added style. Series 3 includes 6 adorable soft style dolls and plush poms to collect.Each sold separately! Note for gift buyers / repeat purchasers: Kindly refer to symbols on front of pack and on internal leaflet to determine which characters to collect.
  • Contents: A doll wearing a stylish outfit and a pair of shoes, a plush pom and a tag with their name, birthday and personal motto
  • Collect all 6 adorable soft fashion dolls and poms in Series 3 (Each sold separately)
  • Dimensions 16L x 11W x 22H cm
  • Unbox a 2-in-1 surprise with Na! Na! Na! Surprise, including a gorgeous soft, posable fashion doll and plush pom with a clip to attach to a purse or backpack
  • Incredible confetti balloon unboxing experience! Open the package to find a real balloon. Inflate the balloon with paper straw, then POP for a confetti surprise
  • Find plush pom and 2 fashion surprises inside each balloon. Unzip plush pom to find beautiful, soft, posable fashion doll with unique printed details and gorgeous hair