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Discounted Schleich Simmental Cow Figure

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Discounted Schleich Simmental Cow Figure

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Product OverviewDiscounted Schleich Simmental Cow Figure
Fun Schleich Facts Fleckvieh cows have a white mind, white legs, a white belly and a white bushy tail. The rest of their particular coating is covered in patches that range in colour from light gold to reddish brown.Grass is difficult to eat up. That’s why cows chew on average 50 times per minute – a total of 30,000 period per time. Even if we humans truly make an attempt, we usually don’t chew a morsel of food considerably than 30 period. Cows produce over 150 litres of saliva per day because of this. This is why them very thirsty, so additionally they drink a lot of water: up to 180 litres per day. This is the same as a large bathtub filled to the very best. If they are most dehydrated, they could also drink 25 litres each and every minute. "Cows can smell fresh, verdant grass from as much as eight kilometres away."
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  • Hand painted
  • Contents: A Schleich Simmental Cow Figure
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