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Genuine Schleich Lion

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Genuine Schleich Lion

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Product OverviewGenuine Schleich Lion
Lions are the only big kitties whose men possess mane which makes them clearly distinguishable from females of this types. The larger the mane of a lion, the more frightening it really is for intruders of its territory, which it defends. Lions are the just ones who search together in prides - although this task is frequently left to the lionesses. Simply because they aren't most fast, unlike the cheetah, they use their strength like a pride. They prowl from different guidelines, circle their particular prey and utilize the element of surprise. That way they can destroy huge ungulates such as for instance wildebeest and zebras and also buffalos and weak elephants. It will require five years when it comes to mane of a male lion to cultivate fully.
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  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Contents: One Schleich Lion
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