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Outlet Sale Schleich Shadow Panther

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Outlet Sale Schleich Shadow Panther

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Product OverviewOutlet Sale Schleich Shadow Panther
Careful! The Shadow Panther from Schleich Eldrador animals prowls through the forest undergrowth like a dark phantom. His jet black coat lets him move invisibly through the shadows to ambush his enemies. If an intruder comes also close, he leaps out of their cover to need their adversary by shock and assaults them along with his razor-sharp claws. Often the attacks finishes up in a spectacular chase, which the strong jungle inhabitant easily wins. The dangerous Shadow Panther is particularly happy with his lithe, spiny tails. They assist him keep his stability during leaps. Plus, he can also use the strong tails being a dual whip. The spines on the finish of his tails as well as on their muscular back have become dangerous. They include a paralyzing poison that immediately disables his enemies.
  • Contents: 1 x Schleich Shadow Panther
  • Ideal for all fans and collectors of Schleich!
  • Dimensions: 3.22L x 6.02W x 7.08H cm