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Discounted Schleich Asian Elephant Female

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Discounted Schleich Asian Elephant Female

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Product OverviewDiscounted Schleich Asian Elephant Female
All Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modeling and allow kids to master as they play. Elephants have extremely flexible and strong trunks with 15, muscle fascicles. Asian elephants posses a "gripping finger" at the end of the trunk.All Schleich numbers are lovingly hand-painted with step-by-step modelling and allow kiddies to master because they perform. The trunk area of an elephant is as versatile as being a Swiss army knife. Not only can the elephant smell really well with it, it uses it to pull in liquids, steady itself, grab woods or spray itself with cool mud. The elephant eats by wrapping its trunk area around leaves and grasses, plucking all of them through the tree or the ground and feeding all of them into its mouth.Elephants can carry objects evaluating up to 3 kg with their trunks.
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