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Special Sale Schleich Hyena

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Special Sale Schleich Hyena

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Product OverviewSpecial Sale Schleich Hyena
Spotted hyenas is probably not the most beautiful predators in the African savannah, but they are certainly the most successful. They live in clans of up to 80 animals and quest at dawn and at dusk. On the first glance, spotted hyenas look like oversized puppies. Striking are their longer necks, powerful skull, brown spots for a yellowish-brown coating and the sloping topline. It is why hyenas constantly see as should they ducked. Their look helped these predators to their bad character. To human observers, they often times seem threatening and insidious. Undoubtedly spotted hyenas are the most successful hunters for the African savannah. At night they prey on larger ungulates, but they furthermore do not despise small pets, such as insects or reptiles. They generally also use the prey of other predators, such as for example lions or leopards. Hyenas eat their particular prey completely, simply because they can also digest their bones.
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