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Special Sale Schleich Holstein Cow Figure

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Special Sale Schleich Holstein Cow Figure

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Product OverviewSpecial Sale Schleich Holstein Cow Figure
Fun Schleich Facts cattle can’t understand personal language, however they can distinguish from a friendly and an unfriendly tone of vocals. They also can determine from the tone of voice whether someone try serious and sincere. Cows show affection by licking each other’s’ heads, shoulders and backs. If they're separated from their friends, they often get stressed and sad. It’s not difficult for cows to share with each other aside: they posses unique voices and scents. In addition, the creatures can recognize as much as 100 faces from their herd and therefore are highly intelligent. Not only will they solve puzzles, but they actually truly enjoy them. If they run out how to open a gate with a option, they jump up and down and frolic around.Cows moo differently in different regions, imitating the dialects of the farmers in their own special means.
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  • Hand painted
  • Contents: A Schleich Holstein Cow Figure
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