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Outlet Sale Schleich Rock Beast

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Outlet Sale Schleich Rock Beast

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Product OverviewOutlet Sale Schleich Rock Beast
A really tough lump. The Rock Beast from Schleich Eldrador creatures lives in the inaccessible, tough mountains associated with the Stone World. Its front feet have effective and razor-sharp claws that let it effortlessly scale high rock walls. Not really the slightest movement escapes its poisonous green eyes – which is the reason why every intruder immediately attracts the attention of the dangerous loner. Once an enemy is discovered, the Rock Beast accumulates the chase. If it appear to a fight, the four-legged beast is well prepared: Its neck is covered in strong armor and certainly will withstand any assault, no matter how violent. But that is not absolutely all – on its mind were four horns made from magical crystal that can be the downfall of opposition. One touch of these gleaming green horns try all it requires to turn the adversary to stone.
  • Contents: 1 x Schleich Rock Beast
  • Ideal for all fans and collectors of Schleich!
  • Dimensions: 3.22L x 6.1W x 7.08H