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Outlet Sale Schleich Indian Rhinoceros

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Outlet Sale Schleich Indian Rhinoceros

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Product OverviewOutlet Sale Schleich Indian Rhinoceros
The rhinoceros is a massive, heavy hoofed animal with fearsome horns not made from bone tissue, but out of a material similar to that of our finger nails and hair. Nevertheless, it's a passionate herbivore. With the horns, it defends itself against hyenas, fights against rivals or digs up tasty origins. Although the skin of rhino looks most thick, it is actually very thin and delicate, just like the skin of elephants. To sweet off and prevent sunburn, it wallows within the mud. Your usually read small birds on rhinos, hopping around and pecking. They free the rhinos of annoying parasites. The horn of a rhinoceros can grow to up to 1.5 metres in total.
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  • Contents: 1 x Schleich Indian Rhinoceros
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