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Clearance Sale Schleich Holsteiner Gelding

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Clearance Sale Schleich Holsteiner Gelding

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Product OverviewClearance Sale Schleich Holsteiner Gelding
The Schleich figures is modelled with attention to detail, hand- painted with care, and provide educationally useful playtime. Holsteiners are most popular recreation horses and are usually one of this oldest German breeds. The monks at Uetersen Monastery, located in what exactly is now Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany, started breeding all of them when you look at the 14th century. Nevertheless, the first recorded mentions of Holsteiners were much older, internet dating right back into the year 1225. Holsteiners are branded with a crowned shield containing the letter "H".
  • With eye-catching coat pattern
  • Contents: 1 x Holsteiner gelding