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Clearance Sale Schleich Haflinger Foal

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Clearance Sale Schleich Haflinger Foal

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Product OverviewClearance Sale Schleich Haflinger Foal
All Schleich figures become lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. At birth, Haflinger foals are given a name starting with the exact same letter as his or her mother’s or father’s title. Their particular coats are often sorrel-coloured, while their manes and tails were blonde. Sometimes, they have markings or blazes on their heads; otherwise, they is generally speaking single-coloured. If they are fully grown, they become 138 to 155 cm tall. Although the minimum height for a horse is 148 cm, meaning Haflingers were usually categorised as ponies, they've been really a breed of horses. Haflingers often have a distinctive, light-coloured muzzle.
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