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Discounted Schleich Walrus

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Discounted Schleich Walrus

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Product OverviewDiscounted Schleich Walrus
The Schleich figures are modelled with awareness of detail, hand- coated with attention, and offer educationally valuable playtime. Walruses have long tusks, up to a metre in length. They managen't utilize them to catch prey, however, but to defend themselves against hungry polar bears, or to climb away from the liquids or over rocks. It's possible to tell the age of the walrus by how light-coloured its body has become and how longer its tusks have cultivated. A walrus’s body try 2 to 4 cm dense. Under it, walruses posses an 8- to 10-cm-thick layer of fat.
  • Wild Life
  • Contents: 1 x Walrus
  • Batteries Not Required
  • Dimensions:4.96L x 2.48W x 9.84H cm