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Special Sale Schleich Arctic fox

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Special Sale Schleich Arctic fox

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Product OverviewSpecial Sale Schleich Arctic fox
The Schleich numbers are modelled with attention to detail, hand- coated with attention, and provide educationally valuable playtime. Polar foxes have the warmest fur of all mammals. 70% of it includes thick undercoat. It could be the best wild dog to change fur colours twice a-year. In winter, it is white as snow plus in summer brown. This way, it try well camouflaged also when you look at the tundra following the snow has melted. Polar foxes have dense fur also on the paws. It keeps all of them warm and provides secure footing.
  • Wild Life
  • Contents: 1 x Artic Fox
  • Batteries Not Required
  • Dimensions: 0.78L x 3.14W x 1.45H cm