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Genuine Schleich Decorated Unicorn Mare

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Genuine Schleich Decorated Unicorn Mare

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Product OverviewGenuine Schleich Decorated Unicorn Mare
there are numerous magical creatures in bayala, but the majority of them have become shy and your can just only catch a glimpse of these if you are very lucky. The essential beautiful animals are arguably the flying horses and also the unicorns. Within a glade in the forest, maybe not far through the elf town of Soleyas, lives a most special families: A Pegasus, a unicorn mare and her young. The unicorn mare really loves watching her foal frolicking about and flying. She loves it almost as much when her elf friends arrive at visit her, to comb her mane and to adorn her with flowers and beads.
  • Contents: 1 x Unicorn figure
  • Even the elf princesses visit her regularly, marvel at her beauty, play with her foal, and are even able to ride her now and then
  • It’s like sheer magic. Wouldn’t you like to ride a unicorn one day?