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Special Sale Schleich Warthog

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Special Sale Schleich Warthog

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Product OverviewSpecial Sale Schleich Warthog
The Warthog from Schleich WILD LIFE is just a mammal that lives in Africa and primarily consumes origins, tubers and fruits. It offers wart-shaped growths beneath the vision and over the nose. They aren’t actually warts but instead especially thick skin that protects your pet from severe damage during fights. The tusks are widely used to defend against lions, hyenas, leopards and wild dogs.
  • Contents: A Schleich Warthog
  • Dimensions: 8.2 W x 2.7 D x 4.9 H cm
  • The Schleich figurines are all modelled in finest detail and encourage children to play and learn at the same time